Interpersonal Violence and Institutional Misconduct in Jails: An Empirical Investigation of Adverse Events in the Los Angeles County Jail System

Funded by a National Institute of Justice FY17 New Investigator/Early Career Program in the Social and Behavioral Sciences and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Grant (Award #2017-IJ-CX-0037) for $184,636

Role: Principal Investigator

Evaluation of a Cognitive-Behavioral Program for Inmates in Administrative Segregation

Funded by a Bureau of Justice Assistance FY16 Encouraging Innovation: Field Initiated Programs Grant (Award #2016-AJ-BX-K048) for $461,900 

Role: Co-Principal Investigator with Paula Smith

Panacea or Poison: Can Propensity Score Modeling (PSM) Methods Replicate the Results from Randomized Control Trials (RCTs)?

Funded by a National Institute of Justice FY16 Funding for Analysis of Existing Data Grant (Award #2016-R2-CX-0030) for $39,972 

Role: Co-Principal Investigator with Christopher Campbell

Understanding the Use and Effects of Restrictive Housing in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in the Post-Ashker v. Governor of California Era

Funded by a Charles Koch Foundation Grant for $110,000 

Role: Co-Principal Investigator with David Pyrooz and Burt Useem​

Evaluation of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Security Housing Unit (SHU) Step Down Program (SDP)

Funded by a Portland State University FY16 Faculty Enhancement Grant for $15,000

Role: Principal Investigator 

Implementation and Evaluation of Case Management and Evidence-Based Community Supervision Practices

Funded by an Indiana Judicial Center FY15 Grant for $500,000

Role: Research Consultant (Paula Smith, Principal Investigator)


Reducing Prison Misconduct with Evidence-Based Administrative Segregation Policies

Funded by a National Institute of Justice FY14 Graduate Research Fellowship in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Grant (Award #2014-IJ-CX-0003) for $32,000

Role: Principal Investigator

Development of a Schedule of Progressive Incentives and Sanctions

Funded by an Indiana Judicial Center FY14 Grant for $70,000

Role: Project Director (Paula Smith, Principal Investigator)

Targeted RECLAIM: University of Cincinnati Outcome Study

Funded by an Ohio Department of Youth Services Training and Research FY11 Contract for $536,500

Role: Research Assistant (Edward Latessa and Paula Smith, Principal Investigators)

Evaluation of the Effective Practices in Community Supervision (EPICS) Model in Ohio

Funded by an Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services FY10 Grant for $105,421

Role: Research Assistant (Edward Latessa and Paula Smith, Principal Investigators) 


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